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zipForm® 6 renewal period March 1-March 31; upgrade today
The zipForm® 6 renewal period is March 1-March 31, but don’t wait–get a head start by upgrading today.  The expiration date for existing WINForms® and zipForm® 6 accounts is March 31.  Beginning March 1, users will be prompted to renew.

Important facts about zipForm® 6:

  • Upgrading from WINForms® to zipForm® 6 is not automatic; users will need to manually upgrade to zipForm® 6.
  • Transactions in WINForms® accounts will not be lost when upgrading to zipForm® 6.  All files will be seamlessly migrated to the new zipForm® 6 account.
  • On April 1, all C.A.R. members will be required to use the zipForm® 6 program.
  • ePUBS™ for zipForm® 6 will not be automatically added to zipForm® 6 accounts—it must be downloaded.
  • Upgrading is easy.  C.A.R. has provided an abundance of helpful information to assist users.

zipForm® 6 is available in two versions: zipForm® 6 Professional (formerly WINForms Online®) and zipForm® 6 Standard (formerly WINForms Desktop®).  zipForm® 6 Professional enables users to automatically import existing transactions and work online from any computer, and zipForm® 6 Standard allows users to import all previously saved transactions from WINForms® Desktop. Members can upgrade to both zipForm® 6 Professional and zipForm® 6 Standard for free. In addition, the new File Manager enables users to sync all files between their computer and online storage instantly, ensuring users always have the most-recent contracts.
For more information on how to upgrade, click here.  C.A.R. also offers a series of free webinars.  For a complete webinar schedule, click here.
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