Tech Tip for the Week of May 31st, 2010 How to hack the Microsoft Outlook’s Inbox for email addresses

If you want to hack the Outlook’s inbox for email addresses follow the steps below

Step 1: Download and install the free software
Step 2: Ensure that Outlook is open and you can see the Inbox
Step 3: To select all the messages press Ctrl +A. All the entries in your Inbox should be highlighted.
Step 4: Select File and Save As outlook.txt
Step 5: Run and switch to Drag and Drop E-mail List Manager.
Step 6: Select File and Import outlook.txt

Free full featured e-mail list manager extracts, merges, cleans, removes duplicate addresses & sorts with easy drag & drop interface. Constant contact with your customers or members is easy. Unique Outlook add-in captures new addresses automatically.

Ideal for:

  • Subscription lists, newsletters, e-zines, bulk e-mail lists.
  • Contacting your previous customers using your PayPal history file.
  • Extracting the thousands of email addresses inside Outlook’s inbox that you didn’t know you could get.
  • Extracting email addresses from web pages.
  • Collecting addresses from long CC lists.
  • Sharing e-mail lists with your colleagues and friends.
  • FormMail scripts when using Outlook.
  • Data Cleaning and preparing your email lists before sending out your advertisements, announcement, e-zines and news letters

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