Model Behavior for Staying Safe at Model Homes

Showing a model home can put you in a very vulnerable situation. You are, most likely, all alone in an uninhabited residence—and everyone who cares to stop in will be aware of this. So follow these four tips to help stay safe:

1. If possible, always try to have at least one other person working with you at the home.

2. When a person comes through the office to view a model home, have them complete a guest register that includes their full name, address, phone number, e-mail, and vehicle information.

3. Keep your cell phone and your car keys with you at all times. Keep your handbag locked in the trunk of your vehicle.

4. When closing the model homes for the night, never assume that the home is vacant. Check the interior of the house prior to locking the doors, working from the top floor to the bottom, back of the house to the front, locking the doors behind you. Be familiar enough with each home to know the exits. Be aware of your surroundings. Be prepared to protect yourself.

(Sources: City of Mesa, AZ)

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