Give Back To Your Industry

Joining or attending committee meetings is the most impactful way to engage with PCAR.

Join A PCAR Committee

Members who work on a PCAR committee are better informed, better networked, and better prepared to act on the trends and regulations that impact your business. All active PCAR members are welcomed and encouraged to serve on a committee!

Affiliate Committee

The Affiliate Committee meets monthly to discuss and implement different ways to build the affiliate membership, assist other PCAR Committees and participate in a minimum of two community events during the year to promote good will in our communities.
Contact To Learn More
Committee Chairperson
Zack Finley
[email protected]

PCAR Staff Liaison
Sheri Ebert
[email protected]

CAR Directors

CAR (California Association of REALTORS) Directors are selected and approved yearly by the Board of Directors. They meet 3 times a year a week prior to CAR’s Business meetings/expo. They attend the week long business meetings representing PCAR on a state level regarding politics and the trade.

Education Committee

Education Committee’s mission is to seek out, research, and inform the membership of the Placer County Association of REALTORS in areas of continuing our education, renewing our licenses and furthering our education and training. By so doing provide better service to our clients and customers.

For more information information on this committee contact Robin Howes 916-303-7617 [email protected]

Finance Committee

The PCAR Finance Committee is an entity charged with the responsibility of reviewing the financial state of our association , and providing comments and recommendations to the Board of Directors that would enable quality decisions to be made that respond to the needs of the association and its membership.

Requirements for membership on this committee will include, but are not limited to the following:

-Members should have an insight, and/or background relating to financial responsibilities of an organization comparable to PCAR.

-Members must be committed to learning the process and procedures involved with the development, and implementation of an effective year over year budget for PCAR.

-A potential candidate should be a member of PCAR for 2 years or more and in good standing with PCAR, CAR and NAR.

-Members must be willing to work together with other Committee Members, listen to those viewpoints that enable progress and be responsible for the successful implementation of the Fiscal Policy at PCAR.

-Potential committee members should be recommended by responsible persons within PCAR and approved by the Board of Directors. 

Grievance Committee

Grievance Committee is a standing committee that shall be consistent with the cooperative professional standards enforcement agreement of the Association.  Grievance serves as a screening committee of complaints regarding ethics violations against members of the Placer County Association of REALTORS®. (Members of this committee serve for three year staggered terms, unless the term is otherwise specified by the Board bylaws.   Appointees must have worked at least five years as a full time real estate licensee (CA or other state), and have been a REALTOR® of a Board or Association of REALTORS® (the most recent two years must be as a member of this association) or the equivalent, as recognized by the Chair.  Appointees must not have a pending grievance complaint or have been found in violation within the last three years.  This shall be required to hold membership on the committee.

For more information contact staff liaison Dulce Jaimes at 916-303-7611 / [email protected]

Local Candidate Recommendation Committee

LCRC manages funds and makes recommendations on contributions to candidates for local offices. These recommendations cover supervisory seats, city council seats and seats on special districts such as the Placer County Water Agency. This committee is chosen yearly by a nominating committee then approved by the board of directors. If you are interested in potentially serving at this capacity a great committee to start with is the Local Government Affairs Committee (LGR).

If you have additional questions contact staff liaison Jessica Morales at 916-303-7608 / [email protected]

Local Government Relations

LGR’s focus is:

  • To be an advocate in support of the real estate industry and private property rights.
  • To monitor local government agendas.
  • To review background materials in order to provide an informed representation of the Association.
  • To actively participate in meetings and/or submit written comments on issues that may affect the real estate industry and private property rights.
  • To keep members informed and rally then as needed.

To get involved with this committee contact staff liaison Jessica Morales at 916-303-7608 /[email protected]

Marketing Meetings

PCAR has 3 Marketing Meeting Committees who represent different areas. Their mission is to support PCAR members through teamwork, networking, camaraderie and education to build a successful Association and a support system for our members. To get involved with one of the committees who coordinates the weekly/bi-weekly tours contact the following Chairpersons:

Rocklin Marketing Meeting: Mike Bailey, Chairperson: [email protected] or Dia Divine, staff liaison [email protected]

Auburn Marketing Meeting: Taffy Maurer, [email protected]

Lincoln Marketing Meeting: Shaunda Holt, Chairperson:

For more information on how to put a home on tour at the different Marketing Meetings click here PCAR Tour Procedures

Masters Club Committee

The Masters Club Committee sets the annual qualification amounts for the Masters Club as well as coordinates their annual events; Awards Celebration, Education Event & Mixers. You must be a Masters Club member to serve on the Committee. For more information about serving contact staff liaison Dulce Jaimes at [email protected] or 916-303-7611.

For more information on Masters Club click here

Past Presidents Society

The Past Presidents of PCAR meet 2 times a year to discuss the current State of Affairs of PCAR, in a way that allows the Past Presidents to review activities, address current and future direction, and suggest and/or recommend actions that would create a positive impact and allow PCAR to continue to grow in a manner consistent with good Business Practices.

This committee is closed to Past Presidents only.

Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Committee, within the provisions of the Bylaws, shall:

Conduct arbitration and ethics hearings in accordance with the procedures established in the California Association of REALTORS®.

Recommend to the Board of Directors disciplinary action resulting from an ethics hearing. (All Grievance Committee qualifications apply including one term served on the Grievance Committee.)

*This committee has pre-qualifications to serve and all new potential committee persons must be approved by the board of directors.

For more information contact staff liaison Dulce Jaimes at [email protected]

REALTOR® Action Fund

The REALTOR Action Funds mission is to educate and create awareness of REALTOR® Action Dues through contests, media, e-update, etc.  This committee also clarifies to the membership the relationship between real estate livelihood and Political Survival Dues.

To get involved with this committee contact Chairperson Cheryl Keller at [email protected] or staff liaison Dean Anderson at [email protected]

For more information or to contribute to the RAF click here Contribute to REALTOR Action Fund

Young Professionals Network

The YPN’s mission is to provide the members of The Placer County Association of REALTORS an encouraging and comfortable atmosphere that engages new and young professionals through the development of industry relationships, enrichment of knowledge, and support of the local community.

In 2013 Placer County YPN was named as 1 of the 4 chosen out of approximately 148 YPN’s from the National Association of REALTORS as the medium Network of the Year!!!

That recognition put PCAR YPN on the map nationally as one that is doing the best job possible in involving, recruiting and representing our young and young at heart professionals in the real estate industry and is living up to the goals and mission of REALTOR® Magazine’s Young Professionals Network. We were recognized as an outstanding network that has members who diligently plan, regularly attend and actively participate in national, state, and local activities that include training, charity events, fundraisers, and networking events.

Network of the Year pic      YPN of the Year pic

For more information on how to serve on the steering committee contact staff liaison Natalie Denney at 916-624-8271 /[email protected]

To become more involved with the group and their mixers etc go to our facebook page!